Pros and cons of immigration

Oct 13, Here are a few pros and cons for Sweden.

Pros and cons of immigration

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But overall there really is no comparison - Thailand for me wins hand down over the Philippines PI. Since my PI reports on sexwork.

The pros and cons of Migration | EMBRACE

Many are torn between those choices for first trips just as I was. Many men can't take the time or afford to go to both so they were asking my advice. My suggestion to all has been that if at all possible, that they go to both PI and Thailand so they can make up their own minds based on their interests.

Experienced travelers highly suggested I go to PI first to get my Asian feet wet since for the newbe being able to converse better in English makes it a lot easier. It was also suggested that once you experience the more open sexual attitudes of the Thai girls, PI might be a let down.

Pros and cons of immigration

I am glad I took that advice. Being my first trip to Asia, PI was a bit easier due to less language problems. Now I am more comfortable being in a different culture as an American with little foreign travel experience.

I seem to be surviving quite well - even with the cabby getting lost trying to get me to my Pattaya Hotel! The only real PI advantage is much better English, although it was still hard to understand most bargirls.

The English advantage in PI is not that significant however, especially with the bargirls. Many dropped out of school in 6th grade to help their families farm or whatever in their villages.

They spoke no English for many years and then start working in the bars. Also in their tagalog sp?

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This makes it just as hard to understand for me than the tonal language of Thai's. To some extend if as visitors we choose not to take the time to learn Thai, that is more our problem.

Yet, it is a big factor in our decision where to go to enjoy the women of the world. But not knowing Thai does make any meaningful intelligent girlfriend conversing verbal intimacy almost impossible at least for me during my first trip.

I realize sometimes they cheat but in Thailand while some bars seem to require testing to be hired, there seems to be no ongoing test requirements. However the HIV rate is quite low in Bangkok and Pattaya compared to the villages in the northern provinces.

Thailand vs. the Philippines The Pros and Cons for Me

The irony is that in Thailand sexwork is acknowledged as a big part of the economy, even though many Thai's don't like it. PI has vastly more corruption with police looking for bribes all the time, armed police all over even heavily armed security guards at the Manila McDonald's - must be for a reason etc.

As someone said, "In all the years I have lived in the Philippines, I adopted an attitude that my idea of an honest cop was one that when you bribed him he stayed bribed! Thailand has a much safer feeling on the streets - just don't have an elephant back into you around Nana Plaza.

The elephants seem more a risk in Thailand than the street people.Whether you are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy or just trying to better manage your finances, you can’t help but notice all the advertisements touting debt consolidation.

But is debt consolidation a good option for you? Read on to learn about the different debt consolidation options and the pros and cons of . is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that presents research, studies, and pro and con statements on questions related to controversial issues, including illegal immigration in .

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These are the Most Controversial Pros and Cons of Immigration