How to write a novel synopsis for an agent

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How to write a novel synopsis for an agent

As anxiety escalates, so many questions may rush through their minds: How many details should I include about my novel? Should I explain my setting and characters in my book synopsis or just stick to the basic plot?

What is a synopsis for a book or novel? To be clear, a synopsis for a novel is different than a book blurb for a novel. A book blurb is a one-paragraph description of your novel in a query letter. A synopsis is a longer description of the entire story.

How do I write a synopsis for my novel?

how to write a novel synopsis for an agent

How should you format the pages of your synopsis? Write your synopsis in the same format as your manuscript. Use one-inch margins all around. Do NOT right justify your text.

Use left justification only.

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Put a header on every page. Use Times New Roman or Arial font. Do not use Courier font. How should you begin your synopsis? Begin by describing your story in 25 words or less. Editors and literary agents read hundreds of submissions every day.

What verb tense should you use for your synopsis? Focus on major plot points or turning points.

how to write a novel synopsis for an agent

Omit secondary characters, subplots, and minor events.Once you have finished writing your novel or book, it’s time to prepare your work for the submission process. While each literary agent has their own specific guidelines, it’s useful to . Sep 12,  · Read on for our best tips on writing a synopsis that’s clear, concise, captivating and may even lead to an all-out agent battle over your novel!

. Novel Synopsis: How to Write a Synopsis for your Novel Deep within the Stronghold of Seclusion, in the Ice Woods of Perpetual Revision, far beyond the Thrice Barred Gates of Insanity, sits a Superhero. Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, it’s tempting to think that writing the book is the really important thing, and that the book title can grow out of the writing later.


Wrong. The title is hugely important: it should catch the agent’s attention and stick in the memory. You may occasionally hear someone refer to novel proposals, which includes a query or cover letter, a synopsis and/or outline, and a partial or complete manuscript—along with any other information the editor or agent requests.

The truth is, you won’t have time to include those things in a word summary. Agents know that the synopsis is at best an approximation of the story.

Hide the plot twist: Okay. You don’t have to give away your very final plot twist, though you must make it clear there is one.

How to Write a Synopsis of Your Novel