Do the increased surveillance power and capability of the u s government present an ethical dilemma

Some scholars of international relations have argued that the security dilemma is the most important source of conflict between states. They hold that in the international realm, there is no legitimate monopoly of violence —that is, there is no world government—and, as a consequence, each state must take care of its own security. For this reason, the primary goal of states is to maximize their own security. However, many of the actions taken in pursuit of that goal—such as weapons procurement and the development of new military technologies—will necessarily decrease the security of other states.

Do the increased surveillance power and capability of the u s government present an ethical dilemma

Why did Morgan Stanley underinvest in information technology? Morgan Stanley underinvest in information technology because the firm focused its business strategy on maximizing profits instead of generating revenue since the stock market crashed in To gain the maximizing profit, the company cut costs in many aspects including the investment of information technology.

Why was the merger with Dean Witter disruptive for the company?

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Because Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter created a digital, cultural, and philosophical divide which was very difficult to overcome, and the most under the arrangement was the business sector of Retail Brokerage. Moreover, the Retail Brokerage group was accepted as an unequal partner in the whole enterprise.

Do the increased surveillance power and capability of the u s government present an ethical dilemma

Last but not the least, Retail Brokerage group was also not well integrated with the rest of the company. Therefore, the merger with Dean Witter was disruptive for the company.

Why was Dean Witter and Retail Brokerage a good place to increase spending on information systems? Business firms invest heavily in information systems to achieve six strategic business objectives: To invest in Dean Witter and Retail Brokerage on information technologies helps Morgan Stanley to make substantial improvements which will help the financial advisor better serve the clients, while also help the customers better manage their relationship with the company.

If you were James Gorman, the new head of Global Wealth Management Group, what information systems would you invest in? If I were James Gorman, I would like to invest money in on-line customer service system. As an ordinary client of Morgan Stanley, the most significant thing is to access his private account anytime and anywhere.

Because of this information age, most of the business activities need to be accomplished through information technologies. Aside from new systems, what changes in management and organization are required to restore revenue and profit growth at the Global Wealth Management Group?

Besides new systems, I suppose that competitive operating concept and advanced management mode is also quiet important for the Global Wealth Management Group.

It is vital for company to harness the latest information technologies, but the operating concepts rank the enterprises.

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In addition, the latest information systems need the advanced management mode to run the whole company well. Chapter 2 Case Study 1. Describe and diagram the existing process for reporting and identifying major public health problems, such as a flu pandemic.

The existing process for reporting and identifying major public health problems is manual and much slower. Hospital, physicians, and laboratories would mail or fax paper reports to public health agencies, who would then call health care providers for more detailed information.

This slow chain of person-to-person communication is not well suited to a major public health emergency. How does BioSense improve this process? Diagram the process for reporting and identifying public health problems using BioSense.

Then the software converts these data to the HL7 data messaging format, which is the standard for the health-care industry, encrypts the data, and transmits them every 15 minutes over the Web to the CDC.United States, 78 U.S.

(11 Wall.) , () ("Of course the power to declare war involves the power to prosecute it by all means and in any manner in which war may legitimately be prosecuted. It therefore includes the right to seize and confiscate all property of an enemy and to dispose of it .

1. Do the increased surveillance power and capability of the U.S. government present an ethical dilemma? Explain your answer. Yes, it does present an ethical dilemma for citizens’ privacy. On the one hand, the telephone companies, such as AT&T, Verizon Communications etc., have the obligation to keep customers’ private data safe.

In addition, U.S. government experts on security technology, noting that "monitoring video screens is both boring and mesmerizing," have found in experiments that "after only 20 minutes of watching and evaluating monitor screens, the attention of most individuals has .

power that surveillance becomes unfavorable, as it increases the effectiveness of that abuse and helps the government stay in power. The rest of the paper is organized as follows.

Do the increased surveillance power and capability of the u s government present an ethical dilemma

Security dilemma: Security dilemma, in political science, a situation in which actions taken by a state to increase its own security cause reactions from other states, which in turn lead to a decrease rather than an increase in the original state’s security. With the expansion of surveillance, such abuses could become more numerous and more egregious as the amount of personal data collected increases.

In addition, allowing surreptitious surveillance of one form, even limited in scope and for a particular contingency, encourages government to expand such surveillance programs in the future.

The Ethics (or not) of Massive Government Surveillance