Denim finishing company case

The purpose of this article is to examine the popularization of jeans since Levi Strauss invented the first blue jeans in the s. A brief overview is provided to show how a garment that began as folk work clothes progressed over the years to become one of the most popular casual wear garb in modern society. What makes jeans so appealing is that they make no distinction between classes, sexes and age groups. The miners asked him for sturdy and durable work pants.

Denim finishing company case

Consistency is the Key Without a doubt, top performers are characterized by hard work. But there is a further characteristic they demonstrate that is instrumental in taking them to the top and that is consistency.

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Remain Positive Nobody wants to be around someone who keeps cribbing. Top performers who wish to grow must create a friendly aura around them and contribute to a happy and positive environment.

Denim finishing company case

Start Taking the Initiative Performers know their job and do it well. However, appraisal is not the time to just do the usual. You must work harder and find new ways to prove yourself and add value.

Be the Ideal Leader Leadership is a pre-requisite for promotion. Being an effective leader is the most important requirement when you wish to climb the professional ladder. Many professionals confuse being a leader with being a good manager, but the two are not the same.

Stay Kind With power comes great responsibility.

Denim finishing company case

You should have the ability to adapt to all sorts of situations. In order to grow, you will have to learn new things and challenge yourself. Improvisation and social skills will help you boost your own value. Just let your good work do the talking.The history of jeans and denim from the early manufacturing in the to modern day designer jeans.

From American folk culture to a global staple.

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The Skills You Need to be Promoted at Work Working in a professional environment requires you to put in hard work and deliver quantity or quality, or even both. Here’s how you can be a top performer who your company Continue Reading →. We will begin by examining a case study in which one denim selling company – a very prolific company, Levi’s – logistically thinks about the processes involved with integrating their Denim Finishing, their company.

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