Communication in a global village

The Internet has made distances shorter and the world smaller. However, the great divider that stands in the way of a truly global society is fact that there are many different different languages spoken in our planet Earth. The following table shows the ten most numerous languages spoken by the Internet users.

Communication in a global village

People have ceased to be limited by their geographical boundaries when it comes to reaching out to other people. Countries are connected together in a global village because of the innovations that make communicating real-time across different locations around the world possible.

Learning how to communicate globally is the best way to reach out to more people across different continents. Be considerate of cultural differences.

Even provinces and states within the same country have different ways of handling business or doing certain things.

You want to factor in cultural differences and learn to be more flexible in accommodating these differences so you can communicate effectively with your peers from other countries. Learn how your associates deal with things in their countries.

The best way to handle cultural differences is to research beforehand how different countries handle business meetings or any other type of discourse.

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For instance, the Japanese prefer that you get straight to the point instead of making small talk. Be aware of language barriers. English is usually the medium of discourse, but take note that some countries do not necessarily use this as their primary language.

Communication in a global village

While you may sound smart with witty jargon among those who have been speaking the language for most of their lives, people from China or France, for instance, may not understand your wit. Best to stick to formal English, which is easier to understand.

Go over any form of written correspondence before you send it out to your contacts. It is easy to unconsciously cause misunderstandings when you deal with people from different parts of the world.

Always stay updated with developments in communications and information technology.

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Tips Getting in touch with people from all over the world requires you to get a stable internet service. This will ensure that your business will not get disrupted by technical issues, particularly during crucial times.

It helps to know a bit about the primary language of your business contacts. For instance, if you have business contacts from Japan, you might want to consider studying conversational Japanese.

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The Global Village Critics of globalization charge that the phenomenon of globalization, especially seen through pop culture, is perpetrating a kind of cultural genocide on the world—that the largest, most dominant cultures are becoming larger and more dominant at the expense of many others.

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Leanne Carter The global village in international communication Today, we live in a world where media and globalisation has brought us together to share and communicate through advanced technologies.

Communication in a Global Village by Barnlund In Barnlund's essay "Communication in a Global Village" he says, "Tomorrow we can expect to spend most of our lives in the company of neighbors who will speak in a different tongue, seek different values, move at a different pace, and interact according to a .

Communication in a global village

A grain of sand, given the right environment, will form a lustrous pearl. Communities scattered throughout the world have given rise to beautiful pearls – people who have grown up in these communities under harsh conditions and . The late Marshall McLuhan, a media and communication theorist, coined the term “global village” in to describe the phenomenon of the world’s culture shrinking and expanding at the same time due to pervasive technological advances that allow for instantaneous sharing of culture (Johnson ).

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